This is what you’re trying to get from your people

Leadership takes place via remote control.

At no point are you, the CEO, doing the work.

Others are, and that’s where the complex nature of CEOship comes into play: getting people to do what you need them to do.

In my view – and this has required many years and countless client engagements to get clear on this – this is what a CEO seeks, fundamentally:

  • Compliance | aligning with your needs
  • Ambition | the will to do things better
  • Hope | being open to being inspired and energetic
  • Generosity | willingness to do something for the collective good

Take a moment to reflect on these.

What quality of the above are you earning from your people at the moment?

Your leadership needs to be curated by way of all the leadership tools you have at your disposal.

7 leadership tools you should be using:
  1. strategy
  2. purpose
  3. talent
  4. engagement
  5. communication
  6. innovation
  7. culture

Together, these seven tools weave together to shape people and thus dictate their choices, hopefully resulting in compliance, ambition, hope, and generosity.

If you’re looking to improve your CEOship, here are a few options:

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1. Gain insider knowledge

To see real impact, you need to understand how to use the tools at your disposal to your advantage.

They are powerful when used together; and almost irrelevant when used alone.

Access insider knowledge today to see immediate impact.

2. Realise your full CEO potential

You will have a clearer snapshot of your potential as a CEO when you ask vital questions.

By interrogating your journey with deeper awareness, you will begin to build your optimal CEOship.

3. Use CEO best practices

You are not alone in your CEOship. There are tried and tested frameworks you can implement into your business to achieve high performance.

It might be time that we work to benchmark yourself against CEO best practices to help you get clear on gaps that might be hindering your growth.

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