The state of February

Consider this a point of view for consideration rather than a statement of fact, but …. at this stage of the year, that state of your business should feel like this:

  • The plan for the business for year ahead is clear and well understood across the business
  • Stored energy is available to be released
  • There is enough newness (innovation, prototyping) to keep the business fresh and on its toes
  • Your key customers are settled and happy
  • You know what the pitfalls ahead might be
  • Your leadership conversations have been set up and calendarised across the business
  • You are clear how your business serves you, the CEO (how it builds you, rewards you, fulfills you)

Systems-thinking – which is how I see leadership happening best – means your business is constantly evolving and shifting state. 

JRB – Linkedin 2

At any time, you should have a very accurate sense of the state of your system, and this is a key time to do it: at the ‘set-up’ time of 2022 when you’re laying the platform for the year that awaits.

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