The CEO Minimum Viable Product

The CEO Minimum Viable Product

I thought I’d share a framework that I created and have frequently been using. It developed out of a conversation I was having with a first-time CEO and I wanted to give him a sense of where to start.

In my view, a CEO needs to get 6 broad areas right, in this order:

  1. Profit security

  2. Strategic sharpness

  3. Impactful mentoring

  4. Operational tightness

  5. Conversation routines (Exco meetings, breakaways, weekly check-ins, etc.)

  6. Internal communication

The above are self-explanatory, so I won’t expand too much on them, but a quick assessment against these will reveal areas of lightness or over-focus.

If you feel as though you need assistance with honing in on the above broad areas, please reach out to me.

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