Great businesses are built on of good choices: these are the big one

Business can feel very convoluted and complex these days. Seeing one factor – your choices – as your sole controllable helps to simplify things.

The power of choice is compelling. It gives the individual control: ‘a say in things’.

The avalanche of forces coming at business leaders can feel overwhelming. Maybe your business feels like a tiny ship in a stormy ocean where these external forces are more powerful than your internal agenda.

If that is the case, the choices I outline below might help to give you some shelter from this storm.

In my estimation, having observed senior business leaders over the past 20 years at close quarters, these are the choices that matter:

  1. How ambitious do you intend to be? (i.e. how high are you aiming when it comes to your work and the business you’re building)
  2. How well do you intend to know yourself? (i.e. how deeply do you wish to understand your motivations, patterns, strengths, and blindspots)
  3. Who are you serving? (i.e. beyond your own self-interest, who matters to you, and what meaning can you derive from serving them)
  4. How deeply do you want to understand the concept of performance? (i.e. the combination of elements that drive your business, how to work with them, and how to increase performance over time)
  5. How much do you want to learn? (i.e. how fully do you intend to take advantage of the vast volume of knowledge that is available to you)

With these questions answered, you might be surprised how easily the rest falls into place.

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