Getting your business’ 4 key building blocks in place and in line

This framework might be helpful in testing whether your business is lined up to flow easily, or whether there are some important areas of non-alignment to address.

The elements in play are:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Talent

One should note that there are others – Innovation, Tech, Commercials, Customers – that operate at a secondary level.

Strategy determines the Leadership your business needs.

Leadership shapes the Culture that holds the business together.

Culture informs the Talent a business requires.

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If you look at your business through this lens as a reflective exercise, you will very easily see alignment or non-alignment.

This is an advanced concept and it requires a lot more unpacking – too much to do in one article.
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I’m interested to hear the construction of CEO craft from fellow executives. Please engage with this topic on the following questionnaire.

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