A simple but powerful way to think about setting goals

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Organisational flow can be achieved through intelligent goal setting. Yesterday I listened to an excellent podcast on the topic of ‘Flow’, recommended to me by one of the CEOs in this tribe, Aaron Fuchs of iXperience. In this podcast, Stephen Kotler, probably the foremost voice on high-performance business habits, talks about 3 levels of goal […]

The pursuit of wisdom and the role of critical thinking

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Very few biblical lessons have stayed with me over the course of my life. But one has and it’s possibly the most powerful leadership insight I have to offer you. Solomon, upon the death of his father David, appeared before God in a dream. God granted Solomon one wish as he embarked on his reign […]

Gratitude, CEO-style

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Long weekends like these (for those in South Africa, that is …) always prompt me to take my foot off the gas a bit. It’s probably the space and time that enables the staking of stock – something things that few CEOs have the luxury of doing. What comes to mind is gratitude. It is […]

Ice-cream, the business of politics and the growing ‘voice’ of the CEO

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The article is written by Heather Landy of Quartz Daily Brief (hi@qz.com if you’d like to follow their well-presented news summaries).   I share this article as an example of the changing nature of business rather than supporting a particular perspective Business – more and more – is being asked to consider its role in […]

Great businesses are built on of good choices: these are the big one

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Business can feel very convoluted and complex these days. Seeing one factor – your choices – as your sole controllable helps to simplify things. The power of choice is compelling. It gives the individual control: ‘a say in things’. The avalanche of forces coming at business leaders can feel overwhelming. Maybe your business feels like […]

The concept of ‘power leakage’: where your CEOship loses impact

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All CEOs start with an equal ability to drive performance but not all maintain it. Before a golfer begins their swing, 100% of their power available to be transferred to the golf ball. As the swing unfolds, tiny imperfections creep in: hips that don’t turn; shoulders that don’t rotate; a grip that weakens etc), resulting […]

Weaving’: the differentiator between system-leaders and generic leaders

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There is a high-order of leadership that is available to you as a CEO. Recently, I did a test that assessed my ability to handle complexity. It comes from a school of thought called ‘Levels of Work, the premise behind which is to match the extent of one’s challenge to one’s capability. An obvious but […]

The hard-to-fathom absence of a CEO Strategy

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Most other aspects of businesses benefit from having strategic thought applied to them. But not the CEO: the most leveraged, impactful ‘force’ of them all. Why? Strategy improves everything. It’s like getting a ‘shot of excellence’ in the arm. You all understand and appreciate the benefits of strategic thinking: Clarity Intent Cunning Nuance Effectiveness Explicitness […]

Trapped inside a concept’: how this could impact your entire career

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Your unconscious thinking patterns matter more than you probably realise. Esther Perel has done more to evolve the institution of marriage than anyone I’ve come across. Her book Mating in Captivity is an incredibly helpful myth-buster about relationships and I have benefited personally from having my own preconceived ideas about that aspect of my life […]

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