Being a CEO is a privilege.

Most Ceos Don't Experience Their Role That Way And My Mission Is To Change That.

Helping you, the committed CEO, is an honour that never wavers. My attentive engagement style reflects my own commitment to building CEOs of distinction.


Becoming a CEO Coach has been a professional evolution.

Initially a practitioner of leadership, my fascination with the CEO position and the singular nature of the role has grown on me over time. It is now my deepest passion and a constant source of fascination and challenge.

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CEO Testimonials
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My journey with Jonathan-Rowan has been and continues to be life-changing. Somehow the topics always hit the right spot at a time I need it: things that I can’t discuss with just anyone.

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What the hell should a CEO focus on? It’s a question I grappled with for years as our company and its demands on me began to grow. Jonathan-Rowan has helped me figure some of this stuff out and point me in the right direction.

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I have had the privilege of being informed and inspired by Jonathan-Rowan over the past few years. His IP is unequaled, but his humanity and the deep belief that being a CEO can be joyful, creative, and energising and not just something to be endured are unique.

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Working with Jonathan-Rowan has given me a number of new filters with which to look at myself, the organisation I run, and the people who come into contact with it. My sessions with him are ones I savour and the impact he has made on me has been profound and permanent.

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Most of my previous experience with leadership coaches has been underwhelming: theoretical models, loose deliverables, trite commentary, and superficial analysis. Jonathan-Rowan is the absolute antithesis of this: the impact is fast, measurable, and deep.

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Worldwide, Jonathan-Rowan is a pioneer and leader in this surprisingly untrodden field. His impact on me and the people in my organisation has been profound.

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Cape Town, Johannesburg, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, London

I have had the good fortune of helping business leaders on most continents. My client base is geographically neutral and I am able to work with CEOs in-person, remotely, or through a hybrid of both. High-focus geographic hubs are being established in New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, and Cape Town.


Uncover your CEO craft

• Benchmarking
• Gap analysis
• Upside identification

Craft matters in the work of a CEO. It fosters uniqueness, care, standards and creative expression. Bringing craft to business leadership is a high-performance habit that transforms a CEO’s work from the ‘mechanical’ to the ‘genius’.


Read. Listen. Watch

CEOship is based on three elements of leadership: character; skills, and knowledge.
Across these multiple media platforms, all these aspects of learning are covered in an informative, lively manner.


Thoughts and
insights for CEOs


Podcast conversations
with CEOs of distinction

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